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Posted by rexdixon on October 25, 2006

The College Voice is re-launching on November 12th, and holding a re-launch party between 4-7pm at Porky’s Lounge located in Chelsea at 55 West 21st Street between 5th and 6th avenues. This is also going to be a charity fund raiser. First, the fund raiser is a great cause that I believe in also. This is the raising of money for orphans and children in foster care. To learn more on this, please visit –,The College Voice, or

You have never heard of The College Voice? The site is now moving from static HTML to Web 2.0, AJAX, videos, multi-media, etc.. I was talking with Lara the founder of the site earlier and she said, “The platform is a YouTube, meets Facebook, meets digg, meets CNN.” I had the opportunity to go into the site (still in the final days of countdown construction mode) and I have to say Rex Dixon likes what he sees so far. I was asking her at the time of the above quote if she intended it to be a portal, or social network. I would have to say she gave a complete answer to my question, and I can actually see all of the above on the site. The content is going to be very interesting, if not outstanding and way above what a normal social networking site might aspire to be or provide for the user.

Speaking of content. Lara is on the major final tour of securing more newspapers and media coming on board for the re-launch. I think she is going to be very successful, and in fact I may actually get to chat with her in person this Friday as she will be in St. Louis for that cause of obtaining more sponsors, supporters, etc.. Basically more marketing before the re-launch! Lara is doing what it takes right now to be a successful new (or re-launched) web site.

I asked Lara what her initial inspiration for creating the first version of the site was. She said,”That it actually started as an online college magazine she created about 3 years ago.” Her actual inspiration came from 9-11, in her words , “The College Voice was my backlash to 9-11.” She is originally from California and just so happened to be in her first year of college in NY when that all happened. She was “Sad to see the backlash towards the Muslim community and all the anger in the world.”

With that in mind, she felt the best way to contribute to a better world was to create something where all college students from around the world could connect on a level of understanding. This in her mind would ensure that communication of college students around the world would happen. Lara felt that by doing this, and creating a site where students could interact with each other, once they were talking they would see that students in say Lebanon were not much different the students in Des Moines, IA.

I for one, think it is a great idea, and the Web 2.0, AJAX, multi-media version of this site is a slam dunk in my opinion. I believe the re-launch party is a great idea tied in with the charity event. Also, as far as some tech information – they will be partnering with a company called mywaves. This version is going to be hit for those that want to find an alternative to the social network Facebook.

Lastly, this is a total grass roots effort. Her current programmer is a CTO at a company she can’t yet mention, and as of now – there is no angel funding or startup funding for this company. She verified that with the quote of, “The Lara budget, saved my paychecks from last year and putting it into my dream!”

Technically Speaking, this country was founded on dreams, innovation, and blood, sweat and tears. These are the type of sites that I would love to be contacted by. These are the type of sites that I want to write about. Rex Dixon believes that the re-launch will be quite a success, and if it I could make it to NYC on November 12th for the party, there would be a possible “Live” 7 Minutes with Rex Dixon experience – the extended version!


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  1. […] This week’s sponsor is – The College Voice – re-launch party is November 12th in NYC – read the blog post that I wrote back on October 25th about them. […]

  2. […] My next thank you goes out to our second sponsor of the podcast. This person of course is one of the founders of a great site that will be taking off I’m sure when 2007 hits. It’s just a little slow time of course due to their target market being the college crowd, but soon the holidays will be over and January will hit. Where will the college kids go? MySpace? Give me a break! Yes, they all have the MySpace accounts as well as Facebook ones – but I am thinking I really like the Web 2.0 – The College Voice web site. Lara I want to extend my thanks to you and your team for letting me help you out in the week leading up to your launch. I foresee a very busy 2007 on the horizon for The College Voice! […]

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    Degree Junction – College Degree Finder

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