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T-Moblie WiFi Cell, Oracle and Web 2.0, Virtual Office

Posted by rexdixon on October 24, 2006

T-Mobile quietly launched their WiFi cell service yesterday in Seattle.

Oracle wants a piece of the action – Web 2.0 action that is! The software maker will announce Oracle WebCenter Suite, a new feather in its Fusion Middleware cap that uses Web 2.0 software services to help corporate employees better work together.

Web Worker Daily has a great article on Virtual Office utopia.

Technically Speaking, here comes some more news!


2 Responses to “T-Moblie WiFi Cell, Oracle and Web 2.0, Virtual Office”

  1. Jeb said

    With so many laptops being sold these days mobile offices were bound to become more popular. I know many people including myself that regularly work from a mobile office. Just yesterday I was thinking if I even need to bring my laptop to Vegas in Dec. when I go to check out an expo. With my cell phone/pda I’m able to read/write email, surf the net and create documents and spreadsheets. Talk about a mobile office.

  2. […] T-Moblie WiFi Cell, <b>Oracle</b> and Web 2.0, Virtual Office […]

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