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Mozilla Add On List, Microsoft Coupon Clipping, Hackers, AND MORE hacking!

Posted by rexdixon on October 24, 2006

Here is a complete take on the Firefox (Mozilla) add-ons by Marshall over at TechCrunch.

Well isn’t this nice. Buy a new PC, and receive a “coupon” for Vista! I hate coupons. I hate rebates. Just give the thing a price, and instead of a freakin’ coupon – “Hey – Wake UP Microsoft — Ship the disc to the consumer after the person just shelled out megabucks for a nice shiny new computer – at YOUR cost!”

Looks like some hackers got on the inside of the stock world. I was wondering about that all time high DOW this week! Something says that numbers are inflated, and don’t want to talk statistics right now, but I feel a big LIE being exposed sooner then later.

Yes, I usually do not do this – but – listen to the podcast from today/this evening (10/24/2006) once I get my butt out of this chair and go produce it. I was just going to talk about the voting machines; it’s tech, it’s touching close to politics, but if you listen to tonight’s podcast, it might be just a little bit of more!

Technically Speaking, enough of this surfing break and off to Evolution Studios to do the podcast!


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