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AOL-Paramount, P2P?, Fedora Core 6

Posted by rexdixon on October 24, 2006

AOL and Paramount cut a deal. As Mike states, it’s probably too little too late for AOL. He has a nice chart outlying the video deals done and who has what. Would Yahoo or Google please just suck up AOL like the bottom of a glass of chocolate milk?

Apparantly Liz of GigaOm is at a small conference gathering for P2P companies. P2P is still out there, but as Mr. Business Golf found out while we doing his new podcast called – Happy Hour with Mr. Business Golf, some network cards don’t support it! That is prejudicial to put in a piece of hardware.

Linux people rejoice. Well at least Red Hat Linux people are smiling as Fedora Core 6 is released. Many in that part of the industry think that it has some clues to the new Red Hat Enterprise that will be hitting the shelves soon.

Technically Speaking, good news day. I did however have a slight scare as I was looking for news today, thought there might be another Google news item; turns out it was just the same one I already talked about earlier


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