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PicLens, MusicNation, YesNoMayB,, Loma Linda, Slawesome

Posted by rexdixon on October 21, 2006

Lot’s more stuff to catch up on right?

PicLens is a photo plug in from CoolIris. Pictures and photo sites are big on the internet these days. This is about the 4th this week! I’m glad for the photo people, but sad that all people want to read about is Google!

MusicNation – can we say American Idol web’ified. I know, I know.. you want to read about Google!

YesNoMayB is a new speed dating site. I will agree with the techcrunch guys – this looks like a winner in the speed dating area. Uhm, I did talk about that in a recent podcast of 7 Minutes with Rex Dixon! Well it wasn’t so much about speed dating, but I did mention and compare it to speed business networking in my podcast.

Okay, I know you want to all hear about Google or YouTube or Google and YouTube — but there is really just MORE information out there besides that… so keep reading — don’t worry, you will get the complete Google roundup in a second… – is a piece of software that actually is reviewed to be like PhotoShop. Didn’t I just say that photo stuff is BIG on the internet like a couple of paragraphs back? I know, you want to all read about Google or YouTube. That’s cool… Google roundup coming up in a few…

Loma Linda, CA is going fiber. I’m rushing, Google is coming up shortly! Truthfully I really find this article more interesting then another Google or GoogTube roundup.. but I will comply… Google in a minute here…

Slawesome is a very interesting project that was just announced today. It’s voice in e-mail basically. Give it a look while you Google it, okay?

Technically Speaking, more in a few… time to eat lunch!


2 Responses to “PicLens, MusicNation, YesNoMayB,, Loma Linda, Slawesome”

  1. Пост супер!!! Ждём продолжения 🙂

  2. Karp said

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