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Google SpaceShipOne, Vista Security

Posted by rexdixon on October 21, 2006

The Google SpaceShip mystery was solved. I figured that Google wouldn’t really be wasting their money on SpaceShipOne. Then again I also thought that Google wouldn’t offer $1.65 Billion for YouTube.

Vista, the new OS by Microsoft. Will it be secure? Will McAfee get a chance to look at the 64 bit kernel before Vista hits the shelves and new PC’s? Interesting questions are raised, and with the antitrust case all but buried by the DOJ, Microsoft pretty much will have a free ride to the market.

Technically Speaking, Rex Dixon will not have a computer powerful enough to run Vista at least in the 1st quarter of 2007 when it’s released; maybe when Vista service pack 3 is released, I will then have a computer powerful enough to run. Service Pack 3 I’m sure will be out by 3rd quarter 2007 just in time for Christmas!


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