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Gaga Over Google, Google – what’s next?, Google buys SpaceShip!

Posted by rexdixon on October 21, 2006

Google. The name is funny actually. Say Google in back in 1995 and people would have said,”Google, quit babbling baby talk! Google to YouTube!” Okay, they wouldn’t have said YouTube, but the pun was great, right? The only thing YouTube in 1995 was still the band from San Francisco called The Tubes. That was the only YouTube or close to it there was in 1995!

Move forward to 2006 now.  Present day America is obsessed with Google. Google has Wall Street starstruck. In fact, they Go Gaga Over Google!

Once you reach #1 like Google has. The main question for Google of course is “What’s Next?”

Could this rumor about Google be true?  If anyone has pictures or information about Google employees actually participating in the project of moving SpaceShipOne into a Google area hanger called Building 43 on Google property, Rex Dixon would sure like some information on this Google event!

Technically Speaking, that does it for the Google roundup; Rex Dixon actually finds the other blog posts that were NOT Google related today more interesting places to visit and investigate then another Google Docs and Spreadsheets, or Google Reader or even Google stock prices.


One Response to “Gaga Over Google, Google – what’s next?, Google buys SpaceShip!”

  1. noactive said

    Gaga Over Google, Google – what's next?, Google buys SpaceShip! .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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