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Universal and Sony BMG benefit from YouTube

Posted by rexdixon on October 19, 2006

It’s official now. The music business always comes out on top. I’m of course really referring to the labels that overrun (read – RUIN) the business of music or really the music of business!

That’s why it’s better playing music and recording music for yourself. Evolution Studio is where I do my music recording and playing. I keep forgetting to say this, but I also do my podcasting there. I don’t think I mention my podcasts enough. 🙂

********* The nice thing about Evolution Studio is that I originally set it up to do just music. Now that I am producing full on 30 minute podcasts, I’m glad that I set it up the right way! I actually enjoy producing podcasts. Production is actually allot less stress when you are just the engineer and producer vs the talent and the engineer and producer! Either way, I do enjoy and have fun with it. ***********

Sorry for the interuption …. back to the main topic...

I already figured as much from reading the deals that went down last week, and Technically Speaking the winners once again are the lawyers who like to pretend that they know music!


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