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Performancing, Apple Profit UP 27%, Spike The Vote

Posted by rexdixon on October 19, 2006

Performancing via Performancing Partners is now accepting ads for bloggers and advertisers now. Read the full details on TechCrunch.

Apple Computer Inc. said Wednesday its fiscal fourth-quarter profit rose 27 percent, well past analyst expectations, boosted by sizzling sales of its iPod music players and Macintosh computers.

Spike The Vote is an attempt to get Digg to man up to their issues. Read the full article on TechCrunch.

Technically Speaking, when it’s 12am in St. Louis, MO you can get very little tech support unless you talk to someone in India; just a casual observation!


One Response to “Performancing, Apple Profit UP 27%, Spike The Vote”

  1. Lucas Felcon said

    Hi, welcome to the Intermedia Blogging Network(IBN)! You’ll be with me in the tech division! When we get more people we’ll specialize e.g. you do software and I’ll do gadgets or something. 🙂

    Have fun blogging in the network!
    P.S. Please visit my blog so we link to eachother the same way.


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