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Google Google Google – One Nation Under Google….

Posted by rexdixon on October 19, 2006

Okay, have you had enough stories about Google today? Well I’m going to consolidate it for you real quick – you can read about Google’s great day and being Giddy — or you can read about Google’s momentum — or you can read about Google’s ad stuff — any way you look at it, it’s time to step aside now and talk about that next cool web site or web 2.0 biz.

Technically Speaking, we all know Google is #1, and to keep saying it over and over in every blog I’ve looked at in the last 20 minutes; it’s like we have become “One Nation, Under Google, With Searching, Docs and Spreadsheets, and Google Reader for ALL! – God Bless Google and now let’s take me back to Evolution Studio where I can get some actual work done!”


14 Responses to “Google Google Google – One Nation Under Google….”

  1. Cliff said

    Long before Google Docs and Spreadsheets released, EditGrid and iRows are both nice online spreadsheets in the market. EditGrid allow you to chart 30+ charts and use 500+ functions, post spreadsheet to blog and retrieve data (like forex and stockequote) from web regularly to you spreadsheets. I invite you to try it out. Rgds,

  2. rexdixon said


    Thanks for the invite to try out your spreadsheet.


  3. pravin goswami said


  4. nura said

    nice post guys…

  5. mark day said

    And let’s not forget GoogleTube, or, for that matter, the real reason Google bought YouTube…

  6. candysloft said

    Well, I hope that this will prove the detractors of Google… I especially cannot understand why Donna Bogatin of ZDNet keeps writing negatively about Google… You should check out her ever negative reviews of Google…..

  7. And now Rex Dixon is number four on the Top Posts on WordPress…his 7 minute Podcast is getting hits our the waw-zoo…and the Coffee Show , well, your cup runs over Go get them RD.

  8. Daijinryuu said

    Except for my blog, which i want public, and which I know may haunt me down the road, I would not want anything I type up stored on a public server. The only benefit is if you had access a document from various locations with different intranets, but otherwise the risks outweigh the benefits.

  9. tobilehman said

    Google is our dear and glorious leader.

  10. I liketo google every day .nowdays googling is part of my life .every body must know that googling open the world infront of you and make your life easier.yesterday I googled for 8 hours when I fnished googling I felt that I know more things than the day before.I invite every body to google 2 hours daily and you will feel the change.

  11. the story of google makes me adfmire the two builders of it googling will help us to keep google for ever.I hope that someday we will have google cars, google tv… google every thing why not?two persons like these can google the world and that will be for the benefit of every googler in the google-world.

  12. someday we will use the word google in every thing even in love ,we will say I googled a girl which means that I loved a girl.also we can say I googled him aletter which means I send him a letter through google other examles are; I ate g a google pizza while I was driving a google car etc……

  13. […] One last thing before we go Google crazy. This actually has to deal with You Tube, which as everyone knows is more like GooTube these days! Scrybe is a site that isn’t exactly launched yet, but they have a video up on YouTube showcasing their new site. I agree with the article, as this is a startup that is worth watching! Online office sites are more interesting then Google, but I do listen to the Google Nation and will comply now! […]

  14. WOW Rex! There sure are a lot of people that look like Quesitons Marks still talking about Google…I guess they have not had enough and you will have to crank-up the ol podcast again to see if you can pull the pulg on this thread… OR Not!

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