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Get on the internet, or go under

Posted by rexdixon on October 19, 2006

If Forbes magazine sold it’s stake in their 89 year old magazine to raise funding of $300 million to improve and establish their place on the internet, then other businesses that want to survive the next 5-10 years may want to read this article on

The internet and business just make sense, kind of like how people need to try Business Golf as another avenue of helping your business grow. I’ve said it more then once here in the blog and on the podcast – “Business Golf is more then GOLF, Business Golf is SMART Business!”

Technically Speaking, I hope I have put out enough interesting content this morning for you readers to digest. I won’t be around until this evening, and that is the reason for this information overload today!


One Response to “Get on the internet, or go under”

  1. Where can someone go to BOOK you to speak at a group? I think it is time you take what you are saying here and on the Seven Minute Show and now your Coffee with RD Show, on the road… I could see you doing a remote gig at one of my seminars where I talk about the importance of what you are doing… I think you need to get out and meet your audience… Your motto should be…Have Headsets, Will Travel

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