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Paperless – Echosign?, Friendster Patent #2

Posted by rexdixon on October 18, 2006

A very good point brought up by Om. Don’t you hate companies and businesses that still require paperwork? What’s the point? To say “Oh, but YOU signed this document, we have you by the ….. !!!” Seriously, though it appears that there is this new company called Echosign that won best of show at the Office 2.0. They are trying to change the face of electronic signatures. Read all about it in Web Worker Daily’s article by Om.

Friendster just received patent #2. They are going to somehow try to lock up the whole social networking thing. Isn’t that like the kid in Jr. High who had the only good football, basketball, etc.. and if he didn’t get his way — he took it home and NO one played? Sounds like that pretty much describes what I was reading the other day about the Friendster CEO.

Technically Speaking, I “think” I use to know the Friendster CEO, well I use to see him take his ball home allot in a temper tantrum!!!


2 Responses to “Paperless – Echosign?, Friendster Patent #2”

  1. Rex – thanks for the mention of EchoSign. BTW, we also totally automate FAX-based signatures as well. Pick what you want – a traditional written signature via fax (which we then turn into a PDF and route to all parties, so everyone knows it’s signed); or the web’s easiest to use and only open e-signature option. Jason

  2. rexdixon said

    Jason – Thanks for reading Technically Speaking. I appreciate that you have shared with the readers some more information on your company – Echosign. If you are ever interested in doing a blog interview, please don’t hesitate to drop me aline. I would like to give you the opportunity to let everyone here know more about Echosign – Rex

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