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MySQL Enterprise, Firebird SQL, Enron Ken Lay-conviction wiped

Posted by rexdixon on October 18, 2006

MySQL Enterprise which is now said to have better monitoring for DBA’s looks to be the latest open source database to enter the commercial market fulltime. I was actually in a MySQL conversation with someone in the past week and his reaction was “We don’t use MySQL!!!” This person uses Firebird SQL database. Rex Dixon loves databases and was also into Oracle back in the day as an Oracle DBA.

I am kind of down the middle on this one. Enron’s Ken Lay (who as we all know is dead) – his conviction was wiped off his record. I guess it really doesn’t matter much as the guy is dead and gone – but Technically Speaking – what about all those people he ripped off? His own employees and workers? How do they feel about getting slapped in the face again?


3 Responses to “MySQL Enterprise, Firebird SQL, Enron Ken Lay-conviction wiped”

  1. Mariuz said

    can you make public the name of the client who is using firebird database ?

  2. Myles said

    How about Bank of Brazil? They just moved all of their hard core financial databases to Firebird. And there are thousands of others. The fact that MySQL hasn’t been a robust, industrial strength SQL database for years hasn’t made it a player in the enterprise market. Its only been since v5 that you can have stored procedures? What the hell is that about?

    Firebird is an open source fork of Borland’s Interbase and Interbase has been around since 1984. They have a rugged, low footprint database platform that is TOTALLY FREE!!! MySQL licensing isn’t. Read the fine print. Commercial use of MySQL = pay the piper. Firebird SQL is totally free.


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