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Microsoft – Google, MS-Vista license, Google Security issues

Posted by rexdixon on October 18, 2006

It looks like the gloves are off. Microsoft has officially announced via their CEO that it is a getting a bit hard hiring with Google in the driver’s seat. I mean, if you had a choice – would you go to California or rainy Seattle for your next engineering job? Would you choose cool laid back dudes and dudettes to work with? Or uptight old world (IT world that is!) corporation who can’t get their new OS out on time?

Speaking of that, it looks like they are locking Vista up pretty tight. Big BIG MISTAKE. Everyone knows why. Do we need to expand upon that any further? Vista might be the last OS Microsoft ever releases. No empire has ever out classed the Roman one, nothing close. Keep that in mind Microsoft as you get ready to unleash a beast that possibly no one will want to buy!

Google is having some serious security issues. Now, I even did a podcast mention of Docs and Spreadsheets. Keep an eye on this, but as with the first paragraph above, I don’t have worries at all. Technically Speaking Google has the money power on their side and shouldn’t have any issues hiring the good engineers; no make that the BEST engineers out there.


8 Responses to “Microsoft – Google, MS-Vista license, Google Security issues”

  1. Lucas Felcon said

    Hi, nice blog you have here. I’ve been trying to start a network of tech bloggers, have a look. If it’s interesting tell me what you think in the thread.

  2. Rex,

    You’ve made a significant jump between two otherwise seperate issues. The first is an increase in competition from Google and other silicon valley employers who are hiring great talent. The second is the upcoming release of Windows Vista in Q1 2007. I don’t believe the two issues are directly related in any way.

    Also, you seem entirely certain that “no one will want to buy” Vista. I’d hardly call you a market analyst, and even if I did; I’d hardly call you right. I believe this comment is the extremely short-sighted, angry, fear-inspired type of rhetoric that only a blogger who doesn’t have to be accountable for their words can write. Microsoft will certainly move many licenses of Vista (and any O/S released after it) because of it’s position in the market as a dominant leader of the best consumer operating system available today. People will buy Vista because they’ll buy a new PC. Other people will buy Vista because the O/S is packed full of additional value. You’re on notice, Rex. I’ll be revisiting your blog in 2012 with numbers about how many people purchased Windows Vista.

  3. rexdixon said

    I am on “notice” for??? I re-read what I wrote about Vista, yes it was pretty harsh on Microsoft, and I’m sure they really don’t care. You are correct when you say that most of the articles are unrelated, but as you can see – most of my posts are that way! I scan and look around for the best stories and then I may post more on them (as in this post) or less with a quick hit link.

    Still the last part — “You’re on notice, Rex.” — ????? For????


  4. Rex,

    Looks like you have been put on notice by someone who is in love with generating traffic to their site where you find someone who is in love with more words than is in the dictionary. Can you spell narcissistic? Good plan in most cases, but worthless in debating you on your point, which was, Vista will be shoved down the market’s throat weather they like it or not…and as far as liking Microsoft or not, well every anti-trust attorney in the country is in love with what Microsoft is doing to help build their cases on how they are suppressing the market …so what is there to be put on notice for and from whom, a WORD Jockey?

    Keep me informed on what is going on…the subjects are getting even more interesting as your get cranked up…and the Podcasts are getting even better.

  5. Myles said

    Hey, go for it I say. Anyone who just assumes Microsoft to be dominant in the market obviously doesn’t have more than 15 yrs of history in the technology industry. Unless MS really innovates in some amazing way, they will go the way of the dinosaur. Now, Brontosaurus sized, but still a dinosaur.

    Let’s face it. There has been no major technology innovation since the Internet became mainstream. I mean we are still using technology with keyboards? What the hell is that all about? Why should the barrier to entry with technology be someone’s ability to type?

    If we can’t innovate the use of technology to evolve humanity, then we are all looking in the wrong place. MS hasn’t invented anything in the past 10 years that wasn’t already invented by someone else. They have become experts in duplication. And not duplicating in a way that improves anything. Apple clearly dominate in the revolution market. But that doesn’t translate into hard cash. Personally I couldn’t give a s(*t if it does or not. 20 years from now, it will be the Google type companies that will be remembered for delivering to the world the ability to find anything on anything via the Internet. Their search engine technology leap frogged anything that MS has ever come up with. I say good luck to them.

    Anyone who wants to ‘put Rex on notice’ is just plain stupid. You can’t predict the future. And if you think you can, I have some really great swampland in Florida for sale. Just contact me and its yours.


  6. Karel said

    I put Rex on notice for being right that Windows isn’t the future. It may take time for everyone to realize it, and the replacement isn’t clear, but the slide is probably inevitable.

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  8. Lan Holtz said

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