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Rex Dixon – Professional BlogCaster, GoogleTube and The Koreans, Free Rocks France!

Posted by rexdixon on October 18, 2006 is a flashed based mp3 player. I really don’t understand exactly what Om is saying here, but it kind of like a virtual mp3 player. Just head over there and check it out for yourself.
GoogleTube and the Korean connection. You know something just isn’t right these days about Korea. You have the South Korean representative to the UN as the UN President elect. You have the North Korean’s blowing up and playing with nukes. Now we find there could be a South Korean connection, thought not totally blatant or obvious to the Google – YouTube acquisition.

France, their ISP that I posted about yesterday here on the blog — well that just totally ROCKS! Why can’t the USA innovate and not replicate? Technically Speaking more news around the corner!


One Response to “, GoogleTube and The Koreans, Free Rocks France!”

  1. […] who I have posted about here before, Xavier Niel, the chief executive of Free’s parent company, Iliad, was handed a suspended jail sentence for embezzling funds from a sex shop that allegedly was a front for prostitution racket. Technically Speaking, that is mixing sex and broadband! […]

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