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Rex Dixon – Professional BlogCaster, ATT-BellSouth update, Firefox 2.0, PayPal Mafia, PopSugar, Data In A Box

Posted by rexdixon on October 17, 2006

Free – yes, that is what France is. Where is the innnovation pioneers here in America? No, I’m not talking about the $1.65 billion type, but the true innovators and thinkers that make France a better place to be right now for internet access?

It looks like ATT is going to have to concede some things in order to get this deal done with BellSouth. I hope that they resolve this issue this week. We may as well quit hanging on to the pipe dream of “last mile” and “no monopolies”. Just get it over with, do the deal. Everyone in on it from the FCC down to the guy driving the BellSouth truck stands to benefit.

FireFox 2.0 release candidate 3 is going to ship this evening! That’s good to hear. Rex Dixon likes FireFox!

Move over Tony Soprano, here comes the PayPal Mafia!

PopSugar. That sounds like something out of an Archie comicbook. Looks like Sequoia Capital as Michael Moritz will join the sugar team. It’s not just your mom and dad’s popsugar, it’s PopSugar!

Rex Dixon in a past life built these Data In A Box things. Well an item very very similiar to this. I’m sure they are modeled after the Marine Corps project that I worked on; like over 13 years ago. I believe the Marine’s paid allot for them too. They are a cool concept, but I just wonder where these boxes will be deployed too?

Technically Speaking, have to run!


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  1. […] France, their ISP that I posted about yesterday here on the blog — well that just totally ROCKS! Why can’t the USA innovate and not replicate? Technically Speaking more news around the corner! […]

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