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McAfee buys, MySpace shifts, Singapore rocks!

Posted by rexdixon on October 16, 2006

McAfee looks to be trying to quietly acquire the security and data protection market. They just made a $20 million cash purchase of data-protection solutions vendor Onigma Ltd.. This of course is in addition to their latest acquisition of Citadel Security for $56 million cash at the beginning of the month.

StarHub is basically giving you FREE broadband. The catch? You have to live in SINGAPORE. Sorry, USA citizens living in the country called middle North America, need not apply! All kidding aside, you have to buy the $50 modem, but that’s pretty much like free!

MySpace is now pushing videos with the uneasy feeling it’s getting with big bad boy GoogleTube waiting to snatch up and corner the market. Technically Speaking, why doesn’t MySpace invest in some technical network engineering support? If you have a MySpace account, you already know that if you don’t login into your MySpace account before 8pm at night you pretty much are screwed for the next couple of hours! That tells me that your network and servers are overloaded. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that something is majorly wrong there, and again Technically Speaking; I think that issue needs addressed before you start pushing video content all over the place!


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