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Video Resume

Posted by rexdixon on October 15, 2006

I’m sure everyone has seen this by now, but it is pretty funny. Technically Speaking – please would someone HIRE HIM!! I wanna see him bench 495lbs, fire off a 140mph tennis serve, and kill 25 people in the mountains of Tibet! What a freakin’ moron!


2 Responses to “Video Resume”

  1. The video was not as entertaining as the comments people were making on the site about this dude. Is this guy really serious?…I mean, I told you about how I like the comedian George Wallace’s point of view on why people like this guy act or do what they do and that is because they have not had their ass kicked enough… I really have a hard time believing that this guy can be taken serious…come on, they say pressing 140lbs in each arm is easy when you are loaded on crack or drunk…is that why he was slurring his words. And what does a 140 mph tennis serve have to do with anything other than getting assault with a deadly weapon charges…

    I wouldn’t hire him and I am not sure what work he is cut out for…I don’t even think he would make a good comedian…all I see here is ass kicking material for George Wallace.

  2. rexdixon said

    Yeah, the actual commentary on him was funnier. He I guess would be good for ??? No clue, but I wanted someone else to hire him; I figure it like this — get this guy off the street, get him employed — so he doesn’t go totally psycho and hurt someone in his neighborhood!


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