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Friendster Tell All

Posted by rexdixon on October 15, 2006

Just what we need on such a sacred day, you know – NFL Sunday Football day! The Friendster Tell All story as reported by TechCrunch and written by Gary Rivlin of the New York Times.

Scot Duke – of Innovative Business Golf – who also is a published writer (and Blogger) of the book – How to Play Business Golf – and I just discussed this very topic about the whole Four Generations of Online Social Group Networking phenomena on the first edition of the Coffee with Rex Dixon show. I had my comments on it which were basically to the point of “a bunch of whining kids that if it wasn’t for the internet, where would they be working?”

Technically Speaking, these guys at Friendster really ought to be grateful for everything they had/have, as if the internet never took off – Where would they really be now? Definately not crowding up Rex Dixon’s time on a this sacred day called — NFL SUNDAY!


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