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Coffee with Rex Dixon

Posted by rexdixon on October 14, 2006

This is kind of like the secret items I have posted about Google yesterday and theCoffee with Rex Dixon former Kazaa and Skype guys today. The only difference of course is this is an idea that Scot Duke of Mr. Business Golf and myself have been hashing over to do.

Well today, we found the time, and we finished up the first episode in hopefully at least a weekly series called – Coffee with Rex Dixon. What makes this not just another podcast? Well for one, it is an interview show conducted over Skype. No, we did not sit in a room and record this; well I’m sure we both were sitting in a room – but Scot Duke is in Addison, TX and Rex Dixon lives in St. Louis, MO!

I know, you are saying “Rex, dude, I’ve heard podcasts before that are done via the phone and those $600 phone podcast devices, they sound like crap!” … Well take a listen to the first episode of – Coffee with Rex Dixon – 10/14/2006 – not too shabby for Skype and some decent audio software.

Coffee with Rex Dixon –


One Response to “Coffee with Rex Dixon”

  1. Now, wasn’t this a lot cheaper than $2500 and $600 and hour to do? And it is far from the $95K upfront $36k annually to buy into podcasting. But this show is worth around $1.6Billion…don’t you think?

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