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Air America Crash/Burn, ZyXEL 802.11n, GDrive Platypus Leak

Posted by rexdixon on October 14, 2006

Well it looks like it’s time for Rex Dixon to take over! What time is it?

It’ s time for 7 Minutes with Rex Dixon to take over.

All kidding aside now, Air America Radio filed for bankruptcy. They lost $40.9 million since May 2004. Again — Rex Dixon would LOVE to take the 7 Minutes with Rex Dixon podcast show — Live, and on the airwaves — and apparantly with Air America crashing and burning, there is room for – 7 Minutes with Rex Dixon. I guess of course, it would probably have to be 30 minutes, or maybe 70 minutes… heck.. why not — Rex Dixon 24/7! Okay.. that would be way over the top even for Rex Dixon!

ZyXEL is putting out their NBG-415N Wireless Broadband Router, which actually sounds like a decent offering from the Taiwan-based company. They are claiming 300mbps speed for their $160 router. This should be interesting with the new 802.11n routers hitting the market in the next few weeks and months. Christmas is right around the corner; looks like daddy needs a new wireless card and new router. I guess it will be awhile before Rex Dixon gets to sample one of those; unless of course ZyXEL or another company would like me to review one.

GDrive Platypus Leak. Don’t even ask right? No, it’s not that, and it’s a semi-secret project that Google is working on. Not really secret as someone knows about it, but it’s not going public anytime soon.

Technically Speaking, it’s now Saturday October 14th, and it’s time for me to crash and burn like Air America Radio for awhile; only my crashing and burning is shutting my eyes and falling asleep.


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  1. […] This is kind of like the secret items I have posted about Google yesterday and the former Kazaa and Skype guys today. The only difference of course this is an idea that Scot Duke of Mr. Business Golf and myself have been hashing over to do. […]

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