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RealTravel, Sony Video Walkman, Foster City Goes MetroFi

Posted by rexdixon on October 13, 2006

RealTravel appears to be a decent looking travel site that is now up and coming according to Nick over at TechCrunch. Interesting enough, one of my last promising interviews in the IT Tech world was at a local travel agency. They wanted me for their IT and Marketing person. I think the person that ended up getting hired was more a marketing type then IT person. Not a big deal, Professional BlogCasting is allot more satisfying!

Sony is looking to me to be about “a day late, dollar short“. If I was Sony, and Rex Dixon is NOT, I would look elsewhere to put R/D team to work on. I have a really quick interesting story about Sony. Back in the day, my mother actually HAD/OWNED original Sony stock. She was actually in with the original founders of the company; knew them somehow personally. Then of course, she SOLD all of the stock when she married my father due to his line of work requiring poverty and suffering! I think that was something that she perceived.

Foster City is launching their Free WiFi network. How does that help Rex Dixon? It doesn’t!

Everything seems to be out west, like the credit/debit cards that are now widely accepted at all the local MCD’s, Jack In The Boxes, etc… well I lived out west 10 years back and they were already doing that initial phase of consumer testing back about 12 years ago!

Technically Speaking in about 10 years I guess I will have Free WiFi here in the midwest; everything here takes about 5-10 years to migrate from the coasts (Rex Dixon knows this how? … I have lived on both the East and West coasts!)


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