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Time Warner to sue GoogleTube, Microsoft To Use Colloquis, PayPerPost Spreading

Posted by rexdixon on October 12, 2006

Here we go — Looks like what I have been saying in the podcasts and the blogs are now in the open. It’s almost the end of the week, and finally someone has realized that Google basically bought up a copyright infringing companyYouTube. I have said it again and again, it’s no different then Napster was in the beginning. You are stealing money from copyright holders. No, I’m not Lars Ulrich, but that is the truth.

Microsoft is going to be using Colloquis in it’s new Windows Live Services Agents that they are rolling out. Never heard of Colloquis? Neither have I! It’s basically that natural language processing technology that you may have heard of. Soon, you may be really having a conversation with your computer.

PayPerPost – is now spreading like a virus. From what the crew at TechCrunch is saying, it’s like payola – so for now – steer clear for awhile.

Yes, the podcast is up online at this hour. Give it a listen – 7 Minutes with Rex Dixon – 10/12/2006 — here is the quick rundown of the show:

* Week Ending show – house cleaning, etc.
* Brilliant Expos

Have a safe weekend, back again on Monday – 7 Minutes with Rex Dixon.

Technically Speaking – that’s it for this evening – listen to the podcast, read all the stories that you haven’t read yet that I have blogged here in the past week! More in the morning…


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