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Money, Merger Delays?, Yahoo-Facebook?, Google-FAQ builder, Linksys WRT350N

Posted by rexdixon on October 12, 2006

Payscale isn’t a new company, but it has been doing what another company had failed to do – wageexchange – according to this article by TechCrunch this morning. If you are interested to see if you are keeping up with the Jones, Smiths, or even the Arrington’s – check it out!

Om was digging, and he found out that the so called AT&T + Bell South merger may run into a snag. I guess the DOJ rubber stamped things too quickly, and didn’t I allude to to something like — cash money being handed over to both companies CEO’s or someone in the upper echelon’s of both companies — that in my earlier post on this?

Yahoo is thinking about Facebook, but I believe that Google has sort of out priced the neighborhood these days. That $1.65 billion aquisition of YouTube pretty much has put a negative vibe in the air I would think. Why you may ask? Well every company thinks they are worth that much money now. Yes, even Rex Dixon was asking for a percentage of it the other night in the podcast. You know, the one where the person didn’t get the joke! I still believe the best counter move for Yahoo to make would be to either partner up with or aquire Revver.

Google has another ingenious idea. I like it allot. Just read about it, and see if YOU can come up with something better.

Linksys WRT350N or should I say bringing the gigabit switched routing and 802.11n to the consumer level. The street price is pretty decent too. $120! Not bad, and now all I will be hearing in the coming months is how much faster”n” wireless is then my current “g” wireless access I have setup!

Technically Speaking, that router above is a great way to start off your day, and end this blog post!


One Response to “Money, Merger Delays?, Yahoo-Facebook?, Google-FAQ builder, Linksys WRT350N”

  1. The AT&T merge with Bell South, or the rebirth of Ma Bell as I call it and I can call it since I was there when it was Ma Bell, is really a slick deal. Knowing some of the underlings of AT&T who are waiting to take the leadership chairs of that mega monster of a corporation, I could see what you are thinking is taking place. These guys are hungry to make their money before they are 40 which is what is being taught heavily in the Business College around the country and are probably really pissed off about the Goggle deal with YouTube being more profitable than their deal. I would not be surprised a bit if it is stopped for whatever reason.

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