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Preezo, 8 Social Networking Sites for Men who love Men

Posted by rexdixon on October 11, 2006

Preezo is another site that is jumping in to get their application online out there. It’s a PowerPoint clone, and from what TechCrunch is saying is that it is rather nice. I see an onslaught of these application companies, most of course will be decent and allot will probably be snatched up by Google and Yahoo in the coming year.

TechCrunch was contacted by a site called They are a social networking site for men who love men. TechCrunch did the research, and apparantly there are like 8 top sites out there already in the men who love men social networking arena.

Yes, the new podcast is up online7 Minutes with Rex Dixon – 10/11/2006. I enjoy comments, and loved the one on on the 10/9/2006 podcast – simply the comment was – “wtf?” — well the F is that I was having FUN, and the T is $1.65 Billion is ALLOT of money, and the W is “Why would you spend that much money on something that is basically a copyright infringing activity; ie.. see Napster (the original)!

Technically Speaking, I’m listening to a great podcast right now – check it out here – Independent World.


One Response to “Preezo, 8 Social Networking Sites for Men who love Men”

  1. Dude,
    You are not turning AC/DC on me with this thing are you? The Zohox thing, that is a WTF to me…how many more of this online application can there be created or a need for. I’ll be back to ya on the ZohoX presentation you sent me on your other blog once I get my eyes cleaned off from your mentioning…

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