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AT&T-BellSouth merger, 1.2 million 2B1 laptops for Libya, ZohoX

Posted by rexdixon on October 11, 2006

Now my first thought is – “Why in the heck did they ever bother to break up MaBell back in the 70’s?” Looks like AT&T and Bell Souththe merger – has been approved by the DOJ. The funniest line in the article of course was where it says quote: “Both AT&T and BellSouth rushed to praise the DoJ decision.” unquote.  Of course they do! Was that line even necessary? I mean seriously, DOJ just probably made some nice cash on the side. No I didn’t just say that. You the reader are imagining things .. so — go —> Read the article!

Those really cool hand crank with no HD laptops – called 2B1 – are being snatched up to the tune of $250 million for like 1 million of them. Sending them over to Libya!

Well since this morning’s rush to get the office applications out there today; first one on the block style. It’s been kind of slow.

Rex Dixon of course has his invite to check out ZohoX -(before you ask – NO, Wallop has never sent Rex Dixon an invite!!!) and I will have to say so far, I am impressed by it. I only tooled around for about 10 minutes after receiving my login information. What I have seen so far looks really really TIGHT! More on this later, you know – Technically Speaking – this would make a good podcast topic  for this evening’s podcast – 7 Minutes with Rex Dixon.


One Response to “AT&T-BellSouth merger, 1.2 million 2B1 laptops for Libya, ZohoX”

  1. […] Om was digging, and he found out that the so called AT&T + Bell South merger may run into a snag. I guess the DOJ rubber stamped things too quickly, and didn’t I allude to to something like — cash money being handed over to both companies CEO’s or someone in the upper echelon’s of both companies — that in my earlier post on this? […]

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