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Zoho Virtual Office – Launch tomorrow, Who’s Next?, Level 3, Revver

Posted by rexdixon on October 10, 2006

Zoho which I mentioned here the other day has stepped up the release of their Zoho Virtual Office or what they will be calling ZohoX at the Office 2.0 conference tomorrow. Look for it to be the big talk tomorrow unless..

There is another freakin’ buy out going down! You all remember Monday’s crazy Google-a-You-Tube-a-Thon right? Well even CNN money is chiming in with their thoughts on the next buy out.. but…

Om says it will be Level 3, which is kind of funny as back 5 years ago I worked with a guy here in St. Louis that was “downsized” from Level 3 offices here. Then my bet ..

Is still as I joked and hinted to earlier – Yahoo buys Revver! Now the article link is of course talking about a great move that Revver just made hooking up with a UK TV station. Just remember – if the statement actually happens (Yahoo Buys Revver!) , please remember where you just read that – well anyone from Yahoo with some influence at least!

I made my service pitch to Google last night. Should I venture down that road again and get a little Technically Speaking on Yahoo also?


2 Responses to “Zoho Virtual Office – Launch tomorrow, Who’s Next?, Level 3, Revver”

  1. Grazer7 said

    Revver is really leading the pact in creating sustainable business models for content creators. This is so efficient and exctitng..thank goodness at least one of the 200 video sharing sites out there is respecting creator’s rights and compensating them… I see creators making a living off of their work directly without the need for studios.. WELL DONE REVVER!!! KEEP IT UP!

    YAHOO, you better get out your checkbook!!!

  2. RD,

    Dude, the ZohoX thing, I don’t know. The PowerPoint model is pretty worn out and what is really needed in the presentation arena is not more of the same but more of a different approach to presenting information.

    As a professional speaker I use PowerPoint and I would love to use Keynote because of some of the creative freeness that program has built in, but I don’t want to go through the learning curve it takes to learn an Apple application….I like my Mouse and Apple hates it, so what is needed is more creativity in the PC rim of things and ZohoX is not going anywhere that Microsoft has not already gone.

    I would have to say, in my arena, ZohoX would not fit, but if someone is looking for a quick and ready and free way of going about sending someone a normal presentation then this application might float their boat…it just want float my Battleship the USS Business Golf …

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