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Microsoft Signs Blinkx,, XO Network Alive!

Posted by rexdixon on October 10, 2006

Microsoft yesterday quietly signed Blinkx. Looks like they will be making the announcement today, Tuesday.

Yesterday with the Google-YouTube hype, I’m surprised it wasn’t a banner day for bank robbers out there in Silicon Valley! The mainstream media is finally getting it to the web. Reminds me of this so called stock guru I know that told me like a hour before the Google-YouTube deal,”Yeah, these things take time… blah.. blah.. blah.. it won’t happen… blah.. blah..

BAM! Just like last night’s fun podcast I did —- BAM! Done deal, before so called stock guru left the deal was done. It’s fun to be right, and especially at some so called experts opinion. We here connected readers all knew the deal was getting done though, and if Mike Arrington says so – it’s pretty much a 99.9% chance that it’s going down mainstream media still hasn’t caught up to the blogs and podcasts out there. is launching this evening. Lot’s of flash, but it might float in a small town kind of way. Let’s keep an eye on them.

XO Networks is still alive. Which is a good thing since they are connecting 75 cities and have 18,000 miles of network! I too, like Om, remembers when they were the hottest thing going. Glad to see they are still around, and Technically Speaking it’s time for me to get a move on to the day gig for awhile.


One Response to “Microsoft Signs Blinkx,, XO Network Alive!”

  1. […] Here is a little more about Blinkx if you have never heard of it. Looks like they are going for the TV generation. Should be interesting with Microsoft behind them now. […]

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