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IPv6, Google $1.65 Billion Return, Web Workers Picture

Posted by rexdixon on October 10, 2006

IPv6 is about to go global according to this article. Okay, IPv6 has been around for awhile and it has never actually caught on. When will it? I guess if the government gets involved it will trickle down to the masses eventually. I saw an actual IPv6 address back in like 1998, 1999 timeframe – and let me tell you – it’s too much junk for the normal users.

Well everyone is sick of hearing about Google buying YouTube. Let’s get to the point – this article talks about how Google will recoup the $1.65 Billion it has paid for YouTube.

This is a nice picture of how allot of Web Workers at work or working. If you snap one, definately send it in via the address in this article. Now on to the real burning news; Technically Speaking that is – ie.. read the above blog post!


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