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Google releases – Docs and Spreadsheets

Posted by rexdixon on October 10, 2006

GeezusGoogle beats the rest once again. <— Interesting side note — the minute after I posted this link to the TechCrunch article it was *poof* — **GONE** so.. the article may or not be there when you click it!

They just released Docs and Spreadsheets

That tells me one thing. Google has blog readers! Google has podcast listeners! Technically Speaking that bodes well for Rex Dixon!


One Response to “Google releases – Docs and Spreadsheets”

  1. Techbits said

    Google Docs, o office on-line

    Esqueça o Word, esqueça o Excel. Acaba de ser entrar no ar o Google Docs. Não é exatamente um lançamento. Trata-se na verdade da integração dos serviços office do Google (ex-Writely, ex-Spreadsheets) em uma única interface. Planilhas, textos, …

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