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Done Deal – Google/YouTube

Posted by rexdixon on October 9, 2006

Yes, I’m sure you have all heard the news already – but have to finish this all out – it’s been confirmed, and looks like it is a done deal. GoogleTube! They are on a live conference call and webcast right now. If you miss it live, a replay of the call will be available until midnight Monday, October 16 at 888-203-1112 domestically and 719-457-0820 internationally. Confirmation code for the replay is 2260624.

Technically Speaking, it’s been a great day for YouTube!


One Response to “Done Deal – Google/YouTube”

  1. […] Microsoft yesterday quietly signed Blinkx. Looks like they will be making the announcement today, Tuesday. Yesterday with the Google-YouTube hype, I’m surprised it wasn’t a banner day for bank robbers out there in Silicon Valley! The mainstream media is finally getting it to the web. Reminds me of this so called stock guru I know that told me like a hour before the Google-YouTube deal,”Yeah, these things take time… blah.. blah.. blah.. it won’t happen… blah.. blah.. ” […]

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