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Rex Dixon – Professional BlogCaster, more – Google and YouTube news

Posted by rexdixon on October 6, 2006

Great idea and I’m glad it’s finally here. – maybe this will stop all the stupid jokes, mass fwd’s, etc.. that is more like SPAM from a friend! I usually dump all those when I get them, I mean – Who has time to read every freakin’ stupid joke with a zillion addresses first BEFORE the actual joke??? I hate them, but think this site will be a big, big hit!

Yes, the Google and YouTube $1.6 billion merger/buyout is the rage of today! Maybe it will really happen? Technically Speaking, great news – or rather unconfirmed rumor on a rather dull slow Friday news day!


3 Responses to “, more – Google and YouTube news”

  1. […] Not literally of course. I have said it before though, you really have to be careful of the files you seem are harmless. There is this great site I posted awhile back on my blog, called fwd it on. Dump all the movies, the stupid crap, right there. […]

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  3. Some sector watchers

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