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Google Code Search, Skype Interview, Blog Scoops Media

Posted by rexdixon on October 5, 2006

Google just today launched Code Search which will help programmers, coders, scripters, etc… search for publically available code online. Very nice, as I always look for code before attempting to write it! Read the entire article here.

Om has a nice 5 question interview with Skype co-founder  Janus Friis. btw – Om just completed his 3 month move from NY to SF. Now that is taking your sweet time in a move! Rex Dixon has lived many places and moved allot over the years, and never has it taken me that long to complete a move!

What CNN terms a “mysterious blog”, I just say — Get with the times! There is no such thing as a mysterious blog. It’s just people who actually care about the news, and who report it on time, everytime, and get opinions out there for everyone to read quickly. Also goes for podcasting, and that is why Rex Dixon is a Professional BlogCaster – why wait for CNN or some other media outlet to “report the news“?

You have this blog as well as thousands of others where stories actually BREAK and not written broken; BlogCasting is the future and that is Technically Speaking!


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