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AOL’s Openride, Podzinger, Myspace & Facebook, QWest

Posted by rexdixon on October 5, 2006

AOL announced yesterday it’s new private information harvesting program called Openride. Okay, it’s really their new browser based on IE, but read the article here.

Podzinger will be listening for ad opportunties. Rex Dixon says, “Listen to 7 Minutes with Rex Dixon — I’ve been asking for sponsors in my podcasts!”. Read the entire article here.

Let’s do math! Myspace & Facebook social networking style that is. Speaking of social networks — yes, Rex Dixon signed up to be invited to Wallop — which I will now refer to as Jallop as in big over priced piece of —- well a big old Jalopy!! No, I have NOT received my invite to them.

Lastly – QWest bought itself back late yesterday. I believe Technically Speaking, I have covered allot for all of you readers in my last 3 posts – now – go read! 


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