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Aftershow notes – 7 Minutes with Rex Dixon 10/5/2006

Posted by rexdixon on October 5, 2006

The podcast – 7 Minutes with Rex Dixon 10/5/2006 – is online now. Here are the aftershow notes and links:

Myspace Turning Gray – article by Liz Gannes

Powerset vs Google – article by Om Malik

Telcom Industry – article by Om Malik

Here is the thing I did *NOT* talk about on the podcast but said I was going too at the top of the show:

Google Got Ping – article by Om Malik

SlimTimer update

Now I did run a correction for the 10/4/2006 podcast and this was on the Screen Door Open — make sure you check them out – updates will be there soon as they are now gearing up for their 2007 tournament season.

I also just cut a promo tonight after my podcast was done for Pete Davis and his Live from the Garage podcast found on — you can *not* find that on the 10/5/2006 podcast – you can check his site over the weekend when he does his new podcast.

That pretty much covers it; Technically Speaking that is!

7 Minutes with Rex Dixon (cyberears)

7 Minutes with Rex Dixon (clickcaster)


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