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Slideshare, WR Time Tracker, GoogleTALK=Skype? and MORE!

Posted by rexdixon on October 4, 2006

I do not know how much I’ll be able to post today. It seems like the WordPress people are having a server load issue. This is all late obviously, but I notice that allot of readers are still catching up on some of my older posts. Remember this – the internet moves at the speed of lightkeep up!

First up was something I saw early this morning on TechCrunch. Looks like a company named Slideshare is launching today. For those of you that believe in putting out a PowerPoint presentation every turn you make in your business, this may be the site for you to check out!

Next up is something I’m trying out on one of the comments on this Web Worker Daily article. This is time tracking software or how to keep track of your billable time software; web based. Since I do my BlogCasting from everywhere, I need something web based. This looks like a great solution — but — the only issue so far is that everything is working except for some reason – my projects, etc.. that I set up are NOT showing up yet. I have e-mailed them feedback, so hopefully I will be able to start using this and seeing how it works.

Last up for now – GoogleTalk has a new URL I checked out today. It seems like they are going the route of Skype? Has anyone tried it? Is it like Skype?

There is a ton other things going on out there, and I highly encourage you readers to check them out – Since I don’t know when the server load here on the WordPress site will be today – here is a quick hit link list for you readers:

GigaOm – AOL Offers OpenRide – AOL is fading fast, they are now giving away stuff!

Gigaom – Nokia’s Bluetooth – Wibree – read about it there.

TechCrunch – Nuuvo – add this company to the dead pool; from last night.

TechCrunch – PageFlakes 2.0 – launching; from last night.

TechCrunch – Google Gadgets – Give it a try, some pretty cool stuff out there; from yesterday/last evening.

TechCrunch – FilmLoop 2.0 – it’s out/coming out; last night.

Technically Speaking that should keep you readers busy for awhile!


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