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News At Seven, Nokia E62, WR Time Tracker

Posted by rexdixon on October 4, 2006

News At Seven – Yes, I wish there was an actual link, but you can read the article. I’m sure a link will be up later today or just search for the site. Very interesting, maybe Rex Dixon will go the virtual route soon?

The Web Worker Daily people are giving the Nokia E62 thumbs up. Now too bad that my contract with Sprint is ending in about 24 days.

That means, CingularRex Dixon will be up for one of those Nokia E62 for FREE; you know for review purposes as well as to keep! 

I’m ready to keep my number but switch carriers! Long story short, I’ve been a very very LOYAL customer to Sprint, but last week after being with them for over 8 years – with a paid in full ZERO balance bill — they would NOT complete my request to make a less then 30 second LD call to Germany. They instead tried to “sell me” some service I didn’t want or need!

Lastly, the clock is ticking and as my first line in my last post stated — the internet moves at the speed of light — well the tech / helpdesk / dude that wrote the WR Time Tracker — needs to get back to my issue ASAP.

Rex Dixon knows there are other time tracking services that will fill his needs, and Technically Speaking, I’m only waiting around 1 more hour give or take to get at the very least — a freakin’ response to my issue about their software!!!!


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  1. […] News At Seven — you can actually check it out here. I have no idea why the link was NOT included in the article below, but there it is. Technically Speaking that wasn’t at the speed of light — but I had to do lunch! […]

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