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Yahoo! buys out Rex Dixon

Posted by rexdixon on October 3, 2006

Well if you listened to yesterday’s podcast, you know exactly why I just entitled this blog post like that! I just had to say that as in today’s podcast which is now online, the 10/3/2006 podcast, I wanted to make a point.

This will obviously make no sense unless you listen to the 10/3/2006 podcast, so go listen to it, and come back to read this.

The point is – if the podcast or the blog starts to go way up, then yes, truthfully maybe Yahoo!, Google, Microsoft or a venture capital place such as the one I mentioned a while back on the 9/25/2006 podcast and the above place mentioned in the 9/28/2006 podcast – will take an interest in Rex Dixon.

If you are confused and have no idea what I’m talking about – then you really must take a listen to the latest podcast (10/3/2006 podcast).

Once again, it’s not about the talent or lack thereof or any of that. It’s all about playing the right show, the right place and at the right time; and once again this is all of course Technically Speaking.


One Response to “Yahoo! buys out Rex Dixon”

  1. Outstanding Podcast and blog…keep them coming. I know more people will want to hear more. Mr Business Golf sent me over here and I am enjoying what you have to say..

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