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MySpace & FOX TV, CastTV

Posted by rexdixon on October 3, 2006

MySpace is using the power it has and will be distributing a ton of FOX TV shows this coming season. Now if MySpace can just keep up with the server demands of it’s huge user base (40 million or 100 million users; that’s still allot either way!), I for one would be allot happier. The shows are available on this MySpace page. The only drawback is that you will have to download a player to view the shows, and you can’t skip the commercials. On the good side – they will be in high definition and they will be FREE!

CastTV is a new venture put out by an all ready ca$h in couple that met at Stanford. It’s basically going to be a video search system. From the reviews so far it does seem to work quite well. If you are going to be in Silicon Valley next week, drop by to see founder Alex Vikati demo the product in person, and make sure to attend Jeff Clavier’s Search SIG event next week. Check out the entire TechCrunch review on the new site right here.

It was kind of a slow morning for tech stuff, but there are a TON of new gadget things going on over at Engadget. I’ll probably post some of the more interesting ones here later on today. Also – I quit posting the URL to the podcast, but as it was Monday – yes, the new 10/2/2006 podcast is online.

Quick note – On the podcast, I’m looking to make it more of a bonus show to the blog. What I need is some user feedback. Take a listen, and read the blog. If you have questions, comments, opinions, etc.. send them directly to my e-mail which I announce on the podcast, and I will put them in the podcast. The podcast schedule is basically – Monday through Thursday. Technically Speaking, I’d like to hear from the readers and listeners and would like it (the podcast) to be a more unique show.


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