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Zune vs IPod, 2.0, PayPerPost, Deep Tagging, ID Chip Teen Dies

Posted by rexdixon on October 2, 2006

Engadget is a great site to see the latest cool hardware items. This morning they have a picture of the new Zune and an IPod side by side. They are updated just about as much as and is; sometimes even more!

I guess Om got a little sentimental in his latest post about his local people back home. What he says though is so true. When you think about it, how many of the people that YOU grew up with know much about everything that is “2.0“?

PayPerPost is another one of the latest startups to get funding -or- “More money, Lot’s more Money!” as I call it! Read the complete TechCrunch article here on who they are as well as how much money they are getting!

TechCrunch goes into depth about Deep Tagging in this one. I tried messing around with that a bit, but truthfully, I’d rather just let content speak for itself. Yes, most if not all of my posts are scraped from the good sites that have writers, staff, and well most are full time professional bloggers. Rex Dixon is like Avis; trying harder!

This is a sad story to end today’s first blog posting on, but the teenager who was the first person (as well as family) to get the VeriChip implanted, died in a motorcycle accident on Saturday. The guy sounded like he had a heck of a future in front of him. Derek Jacobs was only 18.

It’s Monday readers, and Technically Speaking I am hoping the news gets better from here on out!


One Response to “Zune vs IPod, 2.0, PayPerPost, Deep Tagging, ID Chip Teen Dies”

  1. Chris said

    A couple corrections you may want to make…

    “PayPerCost” should be “PayPerPost”, unless that was a jab at their eithics.

    I think you got “VeriSign” confused with “VeriChip”. VeriSign does SSL certs and related things. VeriChip does the implantable RFIDs.

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