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StashSpace, WiFi RFID tags, Sony PS3 sighting!

Posted by rexdixon on October 2, 2006

StashSpace is going to launch on Wednesday. What is it? It’s somewhere you can edit your movies in a browser. Should be interesting, and you can read about it here in the full article on TechCrunch.

You think big brother is watching you at work? Wait until Hitachi unveils its AirLocation Tag-w this week at the CEATEC expo. Now they (your work) can track you in the bathroom, at lunch, at the store (during work hours!), etc.

Yes, the Engadget people have done it again. They have a real picture of a real working Sony PS3. Now I am still wondering, you know Technically Speaking, when the public will get to buy one? Rex Dixon of course wouldn’t mind Sony sending one my way for review purposes!


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