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Baghdad Iraq online

Posted by rexdixon on October 2, 2006

Maybe this will help the peace process there. Maybe the people that are killing each other daily, will just get online. Maybe… Technically Speaking the youth and the future of Iraq needs to be online, and not in the line of fire.


3 Responses to “Baghdad Iraq online”

  1. Just was watching the end of the ABC Evening News tonight and saw the article on the guy bring golf to the kids in Iraq and Afghanistan. I wish I had seen the entire article. It really touches what I would support wholeheartedly. Those kids need something to think about other that what is going on outside their doors.

  2. Ух, сколько коментариев то тут набрасали. Ну отмечусь и я-пост бомба..так держать, молодцом автор!!!

  3. Интересно, а много времени отнимает ведение блога?

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