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Telcom 2.0, First Sony PS3 Kiosk, Nokia N Series, Fusic has problems!

Posted by rexdixon on October 1, 2006

The new face of Telcom will be kicking off a conference on October 4th according to I guess they will be discussing how to make money in the IP world.

It looks like the first Sony PS3 kiosk has showed up. Now Engadget says they want one in their article, and guess what? Rex Dixon would also like to have one, you know for reviewing purposes of course!

Now speaking of phones, has a great article here about the new Nokia N Series phones. They reviewed a few of them early this week, and the reviews I read blows my old Nokia 5225 phone away! Well of course it does, my old cell is in high need of an upgrade – hint, hint Nokia!

I am a bit bummed though, as I was about to upgrade to the Fusic phone which is a nice phone my carrier (Sprint) has right now. The above Engadget article though has me having second thoughts now; at least Technically Speaking.


One Response to “Telcom 2.0, First Sony PS3 Kiosk, Nokia N Series, Fusic has problems!”

  1. […] Engadget is on top of things this morning! This bodes well as I need a new Sprint phone like very soon. With the bad press on the Fusic which I was looking at getting; Technically Speaking this couldn’t come at a better time. Now I just need them (Sprint) to send me one to review! […]

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