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Ads on LiveJournal, 802.11n, C-EE-Oh NO – Sony PS3

Posted by rexdixon on September 30, 2006

Yes, ads are here to stay. It’s apparant that if you put enough blinking pictures, animations, tiny flash games, and scantily clad models on someone’s page, someone is bound to click one right? I guess Six Apart and LiveJournal rolled out some ads last night. Users don’t appear to be too happy.

Rex Dixon is going to have to agree – Apple likes to stay ahead. Their latest iMacs Core 2 Duo will come equipped with the Broadcom BCM4321-series chip. Broadcom proudly boasts as the “first IEEE 802.11n draft-compliant solution.” Read the full Engadget story here. When will MAC become the #1 choice for consumers?

The Sony PS3. Game consoles are a billion dollar industry, with the minor competition all but having been weeded out. I have always said, “If you talk the talk, you better be able to walk the walk.” Well the Japanese can be smug and flipant at times, but when you are an innovation nation – basically – you can back up your smack talk, with the “walk” as shown in my last blog post below; Technically Speaking that is.


5 Responses to “Ads on LiveJournal, 802.11n, C-EE-Oh NO – Sony PS3”

  1. PolymorphicGirl said

    With the announcement that Sony will lower the PS3 by a $100 in Japan, I have some hope, no matter how unrealistic it is.

  2. […] Interesting article mainly on Google Earth, but apparantly online ads are making some money – and for Google – $6 BILLION in ad revenue! Now that is a reason to put ads on your page I think. If you can generate that many views, and actually have $6 BILLION come in to your company off of ads alone, well that pretty much justifies the ad game. Annoying as it may be, ads are here to stay. As also stated yesterday in my blog post about Six Apart and LiveJournal – ads are here to stay, get use to them. […]

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