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New .MAC Webmail, CDN’s, WI-FI, VideoEgg, Google Reader

Posted by rexdixon on September 29, 2006

TechCrunch was up early blogging about the new .MAC webmail. It seems like the big story over on is about CDN’s or Content Delivery Networking. There was also this cool WI-FI overview article written by Katie Fehrenbacher on earlier yesterday. Then there was a VideoEgg article by Liz over there.

I saw all these yesterday, but I wanted to give as much time to people to see the below FREE offer by

Yes, I saw all of these and more. Just didn’t blog about them all!

I stated in last night’s podcast (9/28/2006 podcast) – Google Reader updates – were as stated – very nice. It’s easy to use, and I will hear back later to find out if my older sister has given it a go. IF she does, then I KNOW Google Reader is a winner! That would be the fire test; you know… Technically Speaking!


2 Responses to “New .MAC Webmail, CDN’s, WI-FI, VideoEgg, Google Reader”

  1. counterstr said

    pos yourgirls

  2. chand said

    i would like to be able to send pictures via email

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