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Rex Dixon – Professional BlogCaster – 2 Thumbs UP! FREE CALL!

Posted by rexdixon on September 28, 2006

Well I will have to say I am impressed! Early this morning I found this web site by direct contact from Greg Spector, one of the co-founders of the company, –

I just finished a call with Greg who is currently in Stockholm Sweden. The call couldn’t have been more simple. Basically, I dialed a local number that he set up for me (which you can do very simply, more about that in a second), and called him. During our conversation I asked him,”Why do you think that people are skeptical of your service?” His answer was, “Because they have NOT tried it.”

I asked him also,”Greg you set up my number for me this morning, but is it really simple to set up? I haven’t had time to totally look over your site.” He said, “You basically put in your cell number(local number), and who you want to call (their local number) and hit “GO“. It then sends via SMS a message to your cell phone (that’s how I knew he set mine up) with a local number for you to call that person.

Now as a great FREE offer for all Technically Speaking readers – Greg said to post his contact information (which is linked below) and he will set up a FREE LOCAL phone number and YOU can call him for yourself in Stockholm Sweden today! I think that’s a fair deal. He will set YOU up the number and you can try the service for yourself. I think the main skepticism is coming from people who have not had the opportunity to try their service.

How is the service? The connection is BETTER then ANY cell conversation I have had locally. Oh, and works with ALL the cell carriers out there. You don’t need to be on any specific carrier.

FREE CALL – Just drop Greg an e-mail and put your cell number and he will set it up for you. Your cell phone will get a SMS message as soon as it’s ready. Then just call the number and you will see how simple it is!

Yes, they are a new company, just formed in January of this year. Technically Speaking, this service is really easy to use, and the price isn’t expensive either.  Hey – enough from Rex Dixon already right? Give it a FREE try and call Greg and he can personally tell you all he told me himself direct from Stockholm Sweden.

FREE CALL – Just drop Greg an e-mail and put your cell number and he will set it up for you. Your cell phone will get a SMS message as soon as it’s ready. Then just call the number and you will see how simple it is!

21 Responses to “ – 2 Thumbs UP! FREE CALL!”

  1. […] I saw all these yesterday, but I wanted to give as much time to people to see the below FREE offer by […]

  2. […] I just received an e-mail from Greg Spector of RebTel. You remember them right? They were offering the free trial way back, and you could talk to Greg himself on the streets of Stockholm, Sweden.   […]

  3. kim jones said

    I am interested in using my house as a billboard. What are the requirements?

  4. shkola said


  5. Find Any Phone Number with Name and Address Worldwide!

    Find Any Phone Number with Name and Address Worldwide!

  6. RebYell said

    I was a huge rebtel fan, operative word being WAS there. Here is my story, I will try to be factual and leave the emotion out as hard as that may be.

    My in laws are from Russia, my wife like talking to her family. It is very important to me that she be able to communicate with them on a regular basis since it helps with her overall sence of well being.

    Many months ago I saw CNN do a story on the top 10 next big companies and one was rebtel, they even show you how to make free international calls. So I looked into. I went to their website and looked at the posted rates, which were 1.9 for Russia. I thought wow this is great. So I signed up and told my wife the great news, she could call even more often now because these rates are awesome. Fast forward approximately 4 months. First thing I notice is that all my contacts went from being labled Russia to Kazahkstan, now my inlaws do not live in Kazahkstan they live in Russia, on of the older cities in Russia. At first I thought well computers are not perfect so maybe it was just a glitch, until my wife made a call and we were charged quadruple (a new rate of 7.9 cents a minute) what we had been on previous calls. Apparently Rebtel now designated my Russian inlaws as living in Kazahkstan even though they live in Russia, neat trick. So I did what any one would do I contacted them and asked what happen and why were my in laws being listed as Kazahkstan when they live in Russia. I didn’t get an answer to my Kazahkstan question but the politely told me that they are constantly buying time from different vendors and sometimes the rates change, when this happens it is just too monumental to try and notify every user. The customer service rep also pointed out that the TOS state that rates can change with no advanced warning.

    Now I thought ok I dont like it but yes they can change any time without advance notice and their TOS state this. So I look into this a bit further and find that the advertised rate for Kazahkstan is 4.8 cents a minute and Russia is still listed as 1.9 cents a minute yet my inlaws who are listed as kazahkstan have a rate of 7.8 cents a minute. WOW is this what you call a bait and switch, where I come from this gets your business license pulled and everyone filiing law suits.

  7. shlin said

    its one peace…

  8. shlin said

    its sound and the call quality is the best from the rest i used

  9. shlin said

    i love

  10. shlin said

    its network is strong

  11. shlin said

    now i can talk with my girlfrend who is in nepal for freee and she loved talking with me

  12. shlin said

    now i wont use any other call card or any thing else to make a call thanks rebtell

  13. davy said

    Ok, i came across this, so far so good. I am worried about the Russian incident. I live in the caribbean and call India daily.

    What i did was to get a yahoo phone number. Since calling from US to India is 0.050 cents. Yahoo charges me 1 cent to the US. So in total, i pay 6 cent per min, which look cheap to me as compared to yahoo which charges me 7cents. Skype is more expensive with 9 cents and 5 cents connection fee.

    So from my yahoo messenger, I dial US and from there I can use the local number to dial india. Ok i will not be able to use a cell phone and i would depend on the internet all the time, but still everyone cent saved is money earned. Call quality was good.
    I would monitor my account for sudden changes like the Russian incident.

    Give this a try.

  14. muneendra said

    i wanted to call to my brother he is in new zealand his phone no is +642102375656
    i’m from india my phone no is +919848256549

  15. Andrey86 said

    hmmm… Thanks

  16. Have used Rebtel for about three years making calls betweeen USA, Italy and Germany. Would highly recommend, works well for me.

  17. i m wait

  18. i m bz.

  19. loeis said

    That’s great experience about cheap international calling

  20. trade show booths…

    […] – 2 Thumbs UP! FREE CALL! « Technically Speaking[…]…

  21. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post

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