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More On The eBay China Syndrome

Posted by rexdixon on September 27, 2006

Looks like Om Malik did his research, and when you read his short post right here – after my last post which was to get your attentionNO Yahoo! did not buy AOL!! — could it be soon – GoogleBay, MySpaceBay? That’s allot of money that Om is calculating that eBay spent to get into China. I’m sure Om crunched his numbers well, and it’s probably a very close guesstimate. Now we all know that eBay still makes loads of money, but a $500 million bad decision is hard to overcome.

Technically Speaking, we need to keep an eye on the big fish, being eaten by the BIGGER fish, finally being swallowed up by the BIG Shark. We all know who that is right?

That’s right… “Coming in via a vidcast – live and in living color — from his 53 room mansion outside of Seattle, WA on the big 1000″ plasma screen — it’s big Daddy Bill to the rescue!” ‘Nuff said, time for a podcast to hit the web once again – time for my voice to grace your ears, while you go read some original material!


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