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Feedvertising(TLA), Licketyship, Yahoo buys Jumpcut, Odesk $8 Million

Posted by rexdixon on September 27, 2006

Big day it seems, or blog day for those Professional Bloggers over at TechCrunch.

First up – looks like there is a new company launched that that does Feedvertising (TLA)- read all about it in the great write up by the TechCrunch guys. Here is another link to what Feedvertising is all about.

Next up – Licketyship is out today. A new service that provides fast delivery from local stores, again read more at the article on TechCrunch here.

Yahoo, Yah— WHO… remember those goofy ads? Well anyways, they might have been goofy, but still they have all the money and just acquired Jumpcut – a vidcast site. Read more at the TechCrunch link here.

Well do you think Rex Dixon was right or not? What I’m talking about is my big (well not really) going out on the limb announcement on my 9/25/2006 podcast. Yes, $8 million was handed over to Odesk today, and it’s not your typical startup – but more like a consulting firm. Read more here on the TechCrunch link.

Finally – some cool new gear links are here from TechCrunch of course.

Technically Speaking, these guys over at TechCrunch really have the inside track!


2 Responses to “Feedvertising(TLA), Licketyship, Yahoo buys Jumpcut, Odesk $8 Million”

  1. Feedvertising by Text Link Ads

    This morning, I just recieved an email from Patrick Gavin, the President of Text Link Ads Inc. He invited me to test their new service about feeds advertising (known as Feedvertising) but he don’t want me to announce it to the public because it …

  2. Шугельме 🙂
    Все очень даже интересно.

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