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JAJAH Wallop Facebook

Posted by rexdixon on September 26, 2006

Without some professional bloggers out there blazing the trail over at TC, who knows where I would get my news tidbits?

Well it looks like the VOIP people over at JAJAH made a big announcement on their blog at 8am 9/26/2006; yeah, they aren’t located here in the USA as it’s 5:30am’ish in the good ol’ midwest right now! What was that announcement you ask? Basically you can read the full article over at TechCrunch, but in a nutshell making a VOIP call from a cellphone is what they are doing; freeing up your in front of computer time to call VOIP.

Wallop! What is that? Well apparantly as also mentioned a bit in my podcast for yesterday – Wallop is another almost forgotten social network! This one run or developed by Microsoft; rather a spinoff of those guys in Redmond. TechCrunch of course has all the details, but seriously — “Dude, do we need another social network???” Sure, why not, just like we need another Professional BlogCaster in the world right?

Lastly, and yeah, it’s in the social network realm. Facebook just unrestricted access; basically. Something about using geographic regions. Looks like this just went live today on 9/26/2006. Well that rounds up what those guys hit up overnight there at TechCrunch; at least Technically Speaking for now!


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  1. Jajah freeing the cell phone

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