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eBay China, Wallop beta launch, dot mobi

Posted by rexdixon on September 26, 2006

Slow news day? Not really when you consider the big news of eBay Bailing out of China – read the details on TechCrunch.

Now in last night’s podcast (9/25/2006), I asked Om Malik of Web Worker Daily Dude, it’s Monday.. ” – well his site has been fine and updated.

Consider this – I talked about it last night in my podcast and today – Wallop – the Microsoft social networking site – beta launched last night. MS joins the party of social networking. Isn’t it funny how MS sits backs and watches trends to jump on? Should you join? Maybe.

Lastly – dot mobi – snatch one up now. Maybe I should get a rexdixon dot mobi site? Nah… Technically Speaking that would probably be a waste of my money!


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